Reading Corner #2

Hello fellow bibliophiles!

So, l’d been looking forward to a chill week in school, one where I could hopefully get a lot of reading done, but yeah right? It was as if the teachers had read my mind and said to themselves, “Well, we cannot let that happen!” So, my week, that was supposed to be nice and easy, was SUPER hectic. I only managed to read one book, and I started last Sunday and finished on Monday.

However, that book was Red Rising by Pierce Brown, so it was a pretty awesome book. I recommend that, if you like Science15839976 Fiction and haven’t read Red Rising, just, like, drop whatever you’re doing and go and get it. It was THAT good. Hands down, one of my absolute Science Fiction favorites.

Anyway, to console myself after a book-less week, I went out and bought more books today. I bought Love Hurts by Malorie Blackman, a collection of short stories and excerpts from some absolutely fabulous authors, including E. Lockhart, Maureen Johnson, Patrick Ness, Philip Pullman, David Levithan, Gayle Forman, Lauren Kate, etc. A total impulse buy, but I had to have it guys, it just happened. And considering the authors? It is probably going to be epic.

Then I also bought Firelight by Kristen Callihan. Another impulse buy, but I’ve seen this book in my bookstore for a while now, and I’ve almost bought it twice, so I thought that it was time. Plus, they have the rest of the series in the same edition, so if I really like it, I know where to find the other books. Have you guys read Firelight? Let me know in the comment’s section!

Then finally, I wasn’t going to buy this book, but then I saw it in another bookstore on a SUPER sale, so, of course I bought it. The Masque of Red Death by Stephanie Griffin. Have you read it? I don’t know, I saw it and I thought that it looked kind of interesting, and it was SO CHEAP, oh my God guys!

Skärmavbild 2015-02-21 kl. 11.48.05 fm

Also, there is a guy that works in my bookstore, and I always talk to him when I see him – I am there so often – and he is always like, “When are you going to finish school and come and work here?”, and I am like, “Soon, soon.” But I haven’t seen him in a while, so I thought he had quit or something – however, he was there today, and I got so excited! Isn’t it so much more fun to buy books from people that you know? Or, sort of know? I think so.bookstore3

I also found two books today that I really wanted to buy , but they were really expensive. It was Golden Sun by Pierce Brown, and The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon… I want them SO BAD, but I guess I’ll have to wait for them to go on sale or something, because they were REALLY EXPENSIVE. And considering how bad I want these books, but the fact that they were too expensive for me? They cost a lot.

This week I have a lot to do, but then I have Friday off next week, so I’ll get some reading done! Oh, how I wish that I could just sit at home, read and watch movies? Seriously, I know that it is only February, but I am ready for some vacation.

So… how did you like Reading Corner #2? I really like these Reading Corner, but I’d also like it to be more of a back-adn-forth thing, so please, feel free to write a HUGE comment down in the comment’s section to let me know how your reading is going? We book lovers have to stick together!

Anyway, have a wonderful reading day! It is raining right now, so I am going to make some coffee and read for a bit!



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