Favorite Book Couples

Happy Valentine’s Day! I am just going to jump straight to it – these are my favorite fictional couples. They are in no particular order, but just know that these are the best couples in fiction; all of my OTP’s combined. I won’t say all that much about the different ones either, because then this post will be SO LONG (seriously, I could rant forever on all of these).


  • Sydney and Adrian from the Bloodlines series. Not even, kidding – this is my OTP. Forever. My absolutely favorite couple.
  • Cricket and Lola from Lola and the Boy Next Door. Okay, can this also be my OTP? ‘Cause this is also my favorite couple of all time.
  • Cath and Levi from Fangirl. OKAY, you cannot make me chose! I love all of these equally.
  • Will and Tessa from The Infernal Devices. ARGGH! Okay, this is my OTP. No kidding… except… I honestly cannot chose, they are all so wonderful.
  • Kat and Daemon from The Lux series. Their chemistry is just unbelievable – plus, their relationship is such a fun one. valentine-rosesThis is totally the kind of relationship I want for myself… okay, I could do without people wanting me dead, but I am so down with the whole alien-boyfriend-thing.
  • Alex and Adrian from The Covenant series. Jennifer L. Armentrout is a goddess of romance – all her couples are just so brgouawbgvj.
  • Finn and Cate from The Cahill Witch Chronicles. So, can Finn come and live with me? I mean, what bibliophile doesn’t want a sweet, bookish, wonderful guy like Finn?
  • Gideon and Gwen from The Precious Stone Trilogy. I totally want a sexy time-traveling partner, and I want one just like Gideon!
  •  Augustus and Hazel from The Fault in Our StarsIf you know anything, you know why this is one of my favorite couples. I am pretty sure that this is on everybody’s favorite couple list.
  • ANY COUPLE FROM THE ON DUBLIN STREET series. Not even funny, all of these guys are on my list. I love all of them.
  • Alexia and Lord Maccon from The Parasol Protectorate series. I love me some hunky werewolf – especially a Scottish one!

And guys… I think this is it. Well, these are only a few of my favorite couples, these are the ones that are my ABSOLUTE favorites. But, now I want to know about your favorites – what fictional couple makes you melt?

Have a wonderfully bookish Valentine’s day!



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