Reading in 2015!

So… hello everyone! Yes, yes, I know I have been gone for over a month – all I can say is that I literally came home a couple of days ago after weeks of traveling to places where there was no WiFi. It almost felt as if I’d gone back to the middle ages…

Anyway, I am back now, and just thought I’d give you guys a bit of an update on what is going on in 2015!

So… school. Obviously there is more going to go on this year than the last, but I am still confident that I will be able to post something, like, twice a week. However, I am also doing some extra curricular stuff – last term when I came to South Africa, I literally sat at home all the time, and that is going to change.

book pictureReading wise, I am reading less than the 200-something books I read last year. Mainly because I no longer have access to an awesome library (*cries*). Now I mainly buy books, and that is a lot more expensive than a library card… but I am still going to try to read as much as I can.

I have pretty much decided to take up vlogging – like, I am 98.7% sure I’ll do it. I am going to see if I can whip something up this weekend, and if it doesn’t absolutely suck, I’ll roll it out to public. But don’t worry! I still mean it when I say I will post something twice a week.

Oh, and my book, you ask? I am planning on being finished with it sometime in April, and then I will start contacting publishers… unless my friends think it is completely not read-worthy.

Anyway… reading in 2015, here I come!

Have a great bookish day!



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