Thoughts on Being a Nerd

Hello everyone! Yet another post, but something happened again today that’s been happening to me a lot recently, and I simply had to write a post about it.

So, for some reason people have been asking me a lot of questions about me, my personality, and I always answer that I’m just a nerdy girl (or something similar) and they always tell me to stop “Insulting myself.”

Since when is being a nerd an insult?

Awesome nerd image ("Fill Your Mind ...").
Awesome nerd image (“Fill Your Mind …”).

I just want people to be able to understand that this concept of being a nerd, is not a bad thing. There’s nothing wrong with being excited about books and movies and fandoms and ships and OTPs, and anything else you can think of. It’s not wrong to be good at school and get good grades, or to wear glasses, or to laugh when your eye doctor says “Don’t Blink.”

And even though I haven’t named all the components of being a nerd, not even close, anything nerdy is okay (as long as it doesn’t become stalkerish and creepy). And I just want everybody who reads this post to spread the word that being a nerd is not an insult. It’s a compliment.

And calling yourself a nerd is not some form of deprecation or an insult – it stating a wonderful fact about yourself.

And for the record – anybody who uses the word nerd as an insult – no offense, but I really hate you.

So… good night! And dftba!



5 thoughts on “Thoughts on Being a Nerd

  1. I know exactly what you mean. My family is just starting to get it. Nerd used to be a bad thing. To some of my older family members, being a nerd means being social awkward or being social inept. But words change meaning, and people have to keep up with that. Nerd doesn’t that anymore, now it means being unapologetically enthusiastic about the things that you love, any thing that you love. Things that are considered nerdy are just things that inspire that kind of love in other people. It’s an awesome thing to be now, and I’ve been making sure they can see that.

  2. I’ve never, ever, used the word “nerd” as a negative thing. I have a bit of social anxiety, and whenever I hear someone describe themselves as a nerd, I instantly feel more relaxed. Then I usually start vomiting up some video game talk. 😉

    1. YES! There are more people out there! And I completely agree – whenever someone describes themselves as nerds, I feel SO much more comfortable around them. It’s easier to be nerdy with other nerdy people 😛

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