Expendable Bookmarks

bookmarkDon’t get me wrong, I like a good book mark just as much as any other reader; in fact, I do own a really pretty one in metal that I got for my birthday. However I don’t make it a habit of going out to buying bookmarks. Why? Because I lose them. A lot. Seriously, you give me a bookmark, and after a day, you probably will never see it again.

So, naturally, I have developed a system in which I create bookmarks out of inconsequential everyday items that nobody will miss when I lose it (as I most definitely will).

  • #1 – Post-It Notes. This reliable item can be found in almost any home, and works yellow-post-it-noteperfectly as a quick solution. What you do is you take a post it – any size or colour will do – and then you fold it in half, so that the “sticky-side” attaches to the non-sticky side on the opposite end of the paper. Works every time.
  • #2 – Random Piece of Paper. This one is for the people who cannot be bothered with the delicate act of folding a piece of post-it. Simply, all that’s required of you is to have a notebook that you do not care for, and then you rip out a relatively small piece of paper and stick it in your book! Preferably with one side that’s actually straight, because then it’s easier to keep it in.
  • #3 – Hair-Tie. As crazy as this sounds, if you have nothing else, a hair-tie works just fine. Albeit, not as great as a post-it note or a random piece of paper, but hey, when you have nothing else, this works wonders. A temporary solution, though, as it likes to fall out of your book.
  • #4  – Receipts.  Believe it or not, receipts are excellent bookmarks. They’re thin, they are they right size, they’re rectangles. Perfect! The only downside is if you don’t want people to see what you’ve bought, or maybe if it is a particularly important receipt. Me? I usually go with a Starbucks receipt; I’m not ashamed of my excessive latte consumption.
  • #5 – Price Tags. As weird as this will sound, price tags for clothing are probably the best solution out of the 5 mentioned. Harder than regular paper, and smaller than receipts, these fit perfectly inside of your novel. They have the biggest downside, though, and that is that everyone will know what size you are! GASP! I just use these when I know that the book will never leave my house, and that nobody else will see it.

So… there you have it! The top-five expendable bookmarks. I hope that this has been helpful to you, in some way, and that you no longer have to waste money on buying those lovely expensive bookmarks.

And on a side note – it is never okay to fold the corners of a book. Never. I repeat, never, ever, in a million years, never okay.


And with that note, I hope you have a wonderfully exciting day!



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