The Concept of Coffee House


Hello, my fellow bloggers! Today, I am going to talk to you about what Coffee House is, and why it is so incredibly lovely!

The school that I attend hosted its annual Coffee House, and as I had just submitted a short story to be reviewed by the club that is responsible for Coffee House, I felt it to be prudent that I go.

So… I went. And guess what  –  I loved it! It was such a great night, and if anyone at school reads this (which I seriously doubt because I haven’t told a single soul I know about this blog) I just want to thank you for an awesome, unforgettable night.

So… what exactly is Coffee House? Well, I’ll describe how my school did it – it is essentially a night of literary celebration, but mainly in relation to poetry. You arrive (on the dot), and seat yourself with a nice cup of coffee (and a muffin that you just couldn’t refuse) in one of the respective bean bags and prepare yourself for a night of literary abandon. The people who were hosting the event introduced themselves, set some rules, and then the poetry readings began.

Really, Coffee House is simply a really cool night of poetry reading, in the sense that it’s not just poetry. Short stories, words that you just put together that sound nice, and other stuff. Everybody was just there to rejoice in the awesomeness of words, and that amazed me more than anything else. Words have such power, such underrated power upon occasion, and it felt nice to be part of something that was about how wonderful words are.

I read a poem that I wrote on the spot about love and loving someone from a distance… okay, not a long distance relationship, but more of an eternal comradeship, that can survive distance because there are no specific rules that govern it. For anybody who has ever done read something in front of other people, you know that reading your work out loud is incredibly scary, but kind of exhilarating at the same time.

What can you say, I liked the feeling of people listening to you, and not judging because everyone is in the same boat.

So, I recommend anyone to try and have a Coffee House night, because sitting and talking about words and the beautiful way that they can be put together is really kind of great.

Have a great day! And read a lot!

/Emilia R.


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