Devil in the Details – Jennifer Traig

Devil in the Details 

By Jennifer Traig

Genre: Memoir

Reading Level: Medium

Pages: 242

Review:  2.5 / 5


DEVIL IN THE DETAILS announces Jennifer Traig as one of the most hilarious writers to emerge in recent years and one of the strangest! Recalling the agony of growing up obsessive compulsive and a religious fanatic, Traig fearlessly confesses the most peculiar behavior like tirelessly scrubbing her hands for a full half hour before dinner, feeding her stuffed animals before herself, and washing everything she owned because she thought it was contaminated by pork fumes. The result is a book so relentlessly funny and frank, it’s totally refreshing. (Goodreads)


This book was an experience, to say the least.

I feel like giving it a 2.5 out of 5 is kind of unfair, however that’s really the only score I am prepared to give because it was so… so… not good. For the first tim

An image of the cover of Devil in the Details by Jennifer Traig
An image of the cover of Devil in the Details by Jennifer Traig

e in my life, I am going to say that this book was too weird for me. And considering that my view is the weirded the better, this book was pretty freaking weird.

Although occasionally quirky, and actually kind of funny because of how self-deprecating Jennifer Traig, this book was just too much.

I think that it was so far away from my own reality that I just couldn’t even begin to understand this book – I mean, she is extremely religious, and there is nothing wrong with that, but I am so NOT-religious that I just couldn’t understand her reasoning at all. For me to really like a book I have to be able to relate to the characters, to be able to follow their line of thinking, and I just couldn’t to that with Devil in the Details. I think that if some of the things had been down played, and other things made more important, I would’ve liked this book more, but alas, not.

I liked in the sense that it’s helped me to gain some perspective as to what it really means to be OCD, but the people in this book all just seemed insane to me – excluding the person who was actually diagnosed with OCD.

Nothing really made sense to me, so I didn’t like it.

The author did have her funny moments though, see page 79, and she is a very good writer, but this book just wasn’t for me.

And with that, I’ll be returning to my vampire romances.

Have a continued lovely day!



4 thoughts on “Devil in the Details – Jennifer Traig

  1. I had the same relatability problem with this book. I do come from a religious background, so I thought I would relate more to Traig than I did. But something about the book seemed to keep me always at arm’s length.

    1. Right? It was just too different, and not necessarily in a bad way. Just so in a way that some people find don’t relatable (for instance, I know that my librarian liked the book – she thought it was quirky – but it was just too much for me… and you too, evidently 😀 ).

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