The Fault in Our Stars Trailer

So, I am writing this a few days after the release of the trailer, as to provide a more calm and concise post… OH MY GOD! IT’S SO GOOD I DON’T… I CAN’T… I’M JUST… ARGH.

And that was the calm version.

To continue, for those of you who live in a hole in the ground, The Fault in Our Stars movie is based off a book by John Green (one of my favorite authors) and it is such a beautiful book. You have to read it before the movie comes out in June (by the way, how am I supposed to wait until June to watch the movie?).

This next part is strictly for those of you who have read the book – did anyone else see the note lying next to the bed at 2:01? Could it be a Venn Diagram? *High pitched girlish squeal. And when Gus says, “I love you, Hazel Grace,” I think I may have passed out, but only the first four times I watched this trailer.

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, be sure to record your reaction, and then you win something (I think… I’m not really sure how it works).

Such a gorgeous trailer, for a gorgeous book, and I am so excited for June.

Happy February!



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