The Everyday Issues of Being a Nerd

Good evening – I cannot guarantee that it will be evening when you are reading this post, but I’m writing in the evening, so bear with me.

I noticed this the other day, when I was talking to one of my relatives, in fact, and I felt an imminent need to blog about it and see

The evolution of a nerd... love it!
The evolution of a nerd… love it!

if anybody else shares these problems.

This post will basically just be a list of things I’ve noticed are issues for someone who is a nerd; although some of the subjects mentioned will strictly be for nerd girls. Unless, of course, you play for the other team – then most of them will probably apply for you.

Without further a due, here is a list of some everyday issues for nerds:

  1. Having to wait several months for the new Hobbit movie.
  2. And then realizing you will never become a Elf.
    1. Nor a Hobbit.
    2. Nor witch nor wizard.
  3. You will never have Legolas.
    1. Nor will you have Aragorn.
  4. People that think you are weird for humming the Hobbit theme music.
    1. And then they think you are even weirder when you begin to hum Harry Potter theme songs.
    2. And you seal the deal when you start singing Star Wars music.
  5. Nobody understands why you want to do homework on a Friday.
  6. When you lend somebody a book, and they crack the spin.
    1. Or fold the corners.
  7. When people don’t understand you when you quote Gandalf.
  8. When people think Gandalf and Dumbledore were played by the same actor.
    1. Also when people mix up Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe.
  9. When relatives ask about your love life, and they feel sorry for you when you say no – my original inspiration for this post.
    1. And when you finally get a boyfriend, you feel guilty whenever you begin to fangirl over other fictional guys when he’s around – I am speaking from personal experience.
  10. All you want to do is sit and read, but things like homework, food, and sleep get in the way.
  11. And finally, you’ll never have Legolas – and I know I’ve already mentioned this, but this fact is so horrible that I had to mention it twice.

Now, this isn’t everything – not by a long shot – but at least it is a start.


If you like this idea of problems about nerd girl problems, I can write some more of them… So, do you agree with what I’ve written? Disagree? Let me know in the comments section below!


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